10 facts about autism that everyone should know

People with autism are different from others. Autists develop differently – they have problems with communication, difficulties in interacting with surrounding people. Also, a person with autism behaves strangely, for example, he may have an increased interest in a highly specialized field of knowledge or frequent repetitive movements. However, this is not the most important thing that people should know about autism.

A typical modern person needs to know a few basic facts about autism, because psychic disorders of the autistic spectrum are quite common nowadays. So, let’s look at the basic facts about autism.

Autism is very diverse. People who are diagnosed with autism differ in their interests, social skills, behavior, intellectual level and talents. Everyone with autism is individual, so if you are familiar with one autistic person, you can not all compare with it.

Autism is part of the essence, not the person. It is the basis for the development of personality. A person with autism can be a scientist or achieve success precisely because of the characteristics of the brain. He looks at the world through the prism of an autistic disorder, so he has completely different views on life.


Autism does not make life meaningless. The life of a person with autism is no worse than that of a neurotypic person. Therefore, disability does not mean that an autist is doomed to a meaningless life. Ordinary people think that people with disabilities live much worse, but this is a subjective opinion. Neurotics can not imagine their lives without social skills, so they have an erroneous opinion about life with autism. In fact, a mental illness is not a tragedy, but a different view of the world. The life of an autist is as valuable as all others, since it is a person who is part of the family and society.


People with autism are capable of love. Love for people and the world around them does not depend on the availability of social skills or interests. Autistic people are also capable of loving, only they express their feelings in different ways. Neurotypic people are able to express sympathy with words and facial expressions, and people with autism are trying to correct a problem that has spoiled the person’s mood. This is the difference between ordinary people and autistics. Many people with autism fall in love, go on dates, start families and raise children.


Autism is not an obstacle to learn. A person with autism should learn to know as much as possible about the world around them, which is not adapted to them. The more a child learns, the faster his social and communication skills develop, eventually becoming a full member of society. Often parents say that the child has recovered, in fact, he grew up, but training helped him.
Autism is of genetic origin. Scientists are 90% sure that the occurrence of autism is associated with genes, namely with their specific combination or new mutations.


Autistic is not a sociopath. People with autism want to be in the community, just do not know how to behave properly, so they constantly worry and feel uncomfortable with strangers.


There is no “autism epidemic”. The number of cases of autism among children is the same as that of adults. Modern diagnostic methods can reveal autism even in mild form, which can not be said about the methods used before.
So, many adults do not even suspect that they are autistic.


Autists are happy and without treatment. For happiness it is not necessary to be an ordinary person, people with autism can find happiness even in small things, for example, in a puddle after a rain.

People with autism spectrum disorders want to become part of our world. They want to be perceived by neurotypical people, because autistics are the same as we are, but with a different type of thinking.

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