5 Ways to Accelerate Metabolism in Just Two Days

When we start thinking about losing weight or keeping a figure in shape, it’s important not to forget about metabolism. We tell how to accelerate metabolism with the help of elementary actions.

Anti-inflammatory products

Some foods can cause a feeling of heaviness, swelling and lethargy, increase the level of cortisol and cause hormonal imbalance. Try to limit the amount of flour, sweet and fat in your menu, but rather prefer such anti-inflammatory products as tomatoes, spinach, almonds and strawberries.




Do not you know how to speed up the metabolism? Make sure you get enough protein. Our metabolism depends on enzymes that promote chemical reactions in our bodies, and these enzymes are made up of proteins. Therefore, meat, dairy products, legumes and eggs – your best helpers in this matter.


The correct additives

To speed up metabolism, it is important that the body receives all the vitamins and trace elements that it needs. Vitamins help the body metabolize macronutrients and, therefore, provide cells with energy so that they function at a higher level and burn fat. Look at the B vitamins, magnesium, zinc, omega-3, vitamin D, iron and CoQ10.



If you are interested in how to speed up the metabolism, never skip breakfast! Many people who neglect breakfast, overeat later on the same day, and then also at night, which facilitates a slow metabolism. Therefore, even a handful of almonds or a boiled egg in the morning is better than nothing.


Physical exercise

How else can you improve metabolism? Be sure to practice sports and do not forget about physical exertion if you want to improve metabolism. But it’s worth paying attention to power loads, and not cardio, as these types of exercises tend to focus more on building muscles, which will help disperse the metabolism.

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