How will the first-ever complex operation take place – a transplant of the head

In 2017, the Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero plans to conduct the first ever complex operation, during which he will transplant the head of a living patient to the body of the deceased.

The operation will be carried out in several stages. Subject, who voluntarily became a programmer from Russia Valery, said that his family did not immediately take his decision, since such surgical interventions had not been performed before. Valery believes that he has nothing to lose: -I am afraid? Of course, I’m very scared, but I simply do not have another option. It’s not terrible, but rather interesting. I will be very happy if the experiment is successful, after which I can live as a normal, full-fledged person. Otherwise, my suffering will cease. If I miss this chance, then my fate will be extremely sad. Every day I feel worse.

S. Canavero himself believes that his operation will be successful. At the moment, letters from people who want to find a new body continue to come to him, but initially he is going to help those who suffer from muscular dystrophy, which since birth does not give a normal life to Valery.

The operation will be carried out as follows.

First, it should be noted that doctors will need 36 hours to implement such a complicated surgical procedure. The cost of the intervention is seven and a half million euros. As a donor will use a man whose brain is biologically dead, and the body is in perfect physical condition. The donor is sure to be completely healthy and not having bad habits during life.

Before the operation, the bodies of both (the donor and the patient) will be cooled to fifteen degrees, which will help to avoid death and protect internal organs from various types of damage. First of all, the surgeon will cut the skin, muscles and blood vessels located on the neck. After disjoining the bones without damaging the spinal cord. With the help of special devices, the heads are fixed on the bodies, and only then they cut a special blade, which will be made specially for such an operation, with the back of the brain. Next, Valeriy’s head will be transplanted to the body of the donor and “soldered” the spinal cord with polyethylene glycol. At the end of the operation, the surgeon will connect the vessels and muscles, as well as the skin. The patient will have to remain in motion for 3-4 weeks, until his spinal cord joins the donor’s spinal cord. To stimulate the spinal cord, the surgeon plans to use special electrodes.

After exiting the coma, the patient will be able to control the head as usual and normally, as well as the whole body that he will receive. By the way, to say Valery will be the same voice. Sensitivity of the head should return almost immediately. Later, Valery will have to undergo a course of psychotherapy that will help him recover not only physically, but also psychologically. The surgeon already has several volunteers for the role of a body donor, so there will be no problems with finding a donor. The only thing that keeps the surgeon and Valeria in check is the place of the operation. So far, no state has decided to take responsibility and allow the head to be transplanted on its territory.

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