Infarcts more threaten poor people – a study of doctors

Representatives of poor families are more likely to experience heart attacks, according to a study by scientists at Emory University. People with low incomes become victims of this heart disease, even if they have access to a healthy diet.

Infarcts are one of the main causes of death of the inhabitants of our planet, and now American scientists have found out that these fatal disorders in the work of the heart are more often observed in people from poor families. At the same time, it does not really matter what kind of food the future victims of low-income infarctions follow, because they still have an increased risk.

At the same time, scientists also found that if people with high incomes live in areas where the low-income population is concentrated, then they do not show an increased risk of heart attack. And this means that the most important factor is the personal income of a person, and not the prestige of this or that district for living.

Since access to healthy nutrition does not reduce the risk of heart attack, this calls into question the effectiveness of the strategy of the authorities of some countries that seek to open markets with fresh and affordable products in places where people of low income live in large numbers.

Researchers believe that physicians should necessarily assess the material wealth of their patients, which is a more important factor in predicting the threat of a heart attack than a person’s diet. These are the results of information on 1,421 people with an average age of 49 years. 38.5% of them were men. All of them were tested for early signs of cardiovascular diseases, including inflammation and rigidity of the arteries.

Scientists found that people living in poor regions were more likely to smoke, have higher blood pressure and increased body weight. At the same time, scientists have not established why a person’s personal wealth has such importance in the protection against heart attacks. Perhaps, better-off people are more likely to visit doctors, have good health insurance, and generally take a more careful look at their health, not just nutrition issues.

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