Mazda revolutionized engine development and announces new generation of engines

Mazda officially announced the emergence of a new family of gasoline engines, which will be called SkyActive-X. A distinctive feature of these units will be the ignition of the combustible mixture by compression, as on diesel engines.

The Japanese automaker noted that by introducing a new method of burning fuel, the torque of the engines will grow by 10-30 percent compared to the current engines of the SkyActive-G family.

Mazda also noted that the fuel economy due to the application of compression ignition will increase by 20-30 percent compared to current engines. According to the calculations of the engineers of the Japanese automaker, the fuel consumption of the SkyActive-X family engines will be the same or less than that of the diesel engines.

At the same time, the company added that all the announced numbers are preliminary and may change.

Motors of the SkyActive-X family will replace the SkyActive-G units in 2019. It is also noted that compression ignition in new engines will be used at low loads, whereas as they increase, the mixture will ignite with a spark.

The first motor of the SkyActive family, Mazda introduced in 2011. The working volume of that unit was 1.3 liters, and the output was 84 horsepower and 112 Nm of torque. The compression ratio in the motor was 14.0: 1, which was the highest figure among all serial ICEs. To reduce the detonation that appeared with an increase in the compression ratio, special piston chambers were used in the unit.




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