Mini skirt combine styling tips for all weather conditions

Stylish, cool and not a bit cheap: We show you how to combine a mini skirt and what you should pay attention to when styling.

The mini skirt is a real styling artist. Whether it’s airy with a top, casual with a shirt or elegant with a blouse, he simply makes himself good and emphasizes our figure. And combined with the right top and matching shoes, the short skirt does not look a bit cheap.

How stylish outfits with mini skirt can look, these 20 popular blogger styles prove.  What look is your favorite?

Narrow or wide: Which tops fit the mini skirt?

The upper is the essence of mini skirt styling. It determines whether the look looks casual, sporty or feminine. In general: less is more. With a tight mini you already show very much skin anyway. On the top, you should keep yourself a little bit more covered.

Especially popular with fashion professionals: the mixture of wide, loose top and tight miniskirt. Super-casual is the combination of mini skirt and simple, loose-fitting boyfriend-style T-shirt. With Boho accessories you can spice up the basic outfit.

Our tip: Put the hem of the shirt on one side loose in the skirt. This looks cool and defines the figure.
Also stylish: A slightly further cut blouse with v-neckline to mini skirt. This look looks summery, uncomplicated and nevertheless very feminine. With delicate chains in different lengths, you can pimp up the simple look of the blouse.
And do not worry: the styling can also be seductive with a more “more chatty” top. Super sexy and perfect for an evening at the club is a look with mini skirt and long sleeved, black body.

Cool style break in autumn and winter: Mini skirt with Oversize sweater

A mini skirt does not just have a summer season. Combine the mini with a cuddly Oversize sweater, rugged shoes such as boots or overknee boots and tights, you can wear the short skirt wonderfully in autumn or even winter.

Tip: Perfect for cooler temperatures is a short leather skirt!

Which shoes fit the mini skirt?

For everyday life, definitely flat shoes are more suitable. High Heels would simply be too much in a daytime look. Cool and trendy to the mini skirt are simple white sneakers. You’ll miss a sporty look.

Perfect for hot summers where you can walk a lot: comfortable espadrilles.
Even more summery and a real good-mood style is the combination of miniskirt and pop-colored Pom Pom sandals. At least as beautiful: Roman sandals or Metallic models for the miniskirt.

For evenings in the club, however, it may also be high hacks. The combination of leather skirt, black shirt, leather jacket and pointed ankle boots is exciting. But also sandals or pointed pumps make for the short skirt.






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