Named cars for which go for 10 years or more

In total, experts analyzed about 16 million car sales deals to identify models that their owners are reluctant to dispose of. It is interesting that the longest motorists drive on the Toyota: in particular, the first line of the original rating was taken by the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV.

The average length of ownership for the top ten models ranges from 8.8 to 10.6 years, which is 21-45% more than the average, which is 7.3 years. The list includes four “Toyota” (of which three are SUVs), four sport cars, a pair of Ford off-roaders. By the way, the only sedan is Toyota Avalon.

Toyota Land Cruiser is a very niche buyer who is looking for not just a rugged SUV, but also wants to get a little luxury,” the researchers explain. With competitors such as the Range Rover and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, this is the least expensive option with comparable equipment.”

Sports cars, in turn, have a timeless appearance that makes them recognizable on the road – old models of these cars do not look outdated: “Even the new Corvette, the seventh generation has classic forms, reminiscent of the 1953 car,” experts say.

Model – Ownership time, – years
1    Toyota Land Cruiser     10.6
2    Porsche Boxster      9.9
3    Ford Expedition      9.0
4    Mercedes-Benz SLK      9.0
5    Ford Explorer      8,9
6    Toyota Sequoia      8,9
7    Chevrolet Corvette     8.8
8    Toyota Avalon     8.8
9    Toyota 4Runner     8.8
10    Audi TT      8,8

Average tenure (for all models) 7.6


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