New car batteries Samsung promise a power reserve of up to 700 kilometers

As explained in the Korean company, such batteries can increase the power reserve to 600-700 kilometers, depending on how many modules of this system will be installed.

“If you want, you can change the number of modules used,” – said Samsung.

“For example, if there are 20 modules installed in a premium car, the vehicle will have a power reserve of 600 to 700 kilometers. If a car of a conventional sedan class is equipped with 10-12 modules, then such a car will be able to travel on one charge up to 300 kilometers. The proposed kit is aimed primarily at attracting the attention of automakers, as they are developing cars whose power reserve can vary significantly depending on how many modules will be included in the kit. ”

The Electrek website explains that automakers such as Nissan and GM most often use prismatic cells in their car’s batteries. Samsung SDI, in turn, earlier this year started developing new cylindrical cells of the standard “2170”, apparently, “spying” them from Tesla, the company that first began using them in their cars.

At the event, no additional information was provided on the new Samsung battery pack at the event. But even so, against the background of other manufacturers, the figures of the claimed power reserve look impressive. For example, the same Tesla Model S model provides a maximum power reserve of 416 kilometers, while the new Chevy Bolt offers 383 kilometers of travel on a single charge. True, the actual figures when checked by profile surveyors are much more modest.

More recent cars, such as the recently introduced Nissan Leaf model of 2018, have figures even more modest – about 241-257 kilometers. “Budget” electrosleep Tesla Model 3 will receive a power reserve from 354 to 498 kilometers.

To be fair, we note that it’s too early to make conclusions regarding Samsung’s new batteries, we must wait for their operation to begin in real conditions.



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