New Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2018

The model completely changed the design of the front of the body, and in the interior there was a new instrument panel and the center console.

Compared with its predecessor, the updated SUV has grown by 60 millimeters longer – up to 4840 millimeters. The ground clearance remained the same (215 millimeters), but the angles of entry, exit and ramp are now 31, 25 and 22 degrees, respectively.

The frame construction, permanent all-wheel drive and forced locking of differentials are preserved. In this case, after restyling, in addition to the three variants of the control electronics (Eco, Normal and Sport), Prado added two more – Sport S and Sport S. , And the Multi-Terrain Select system, adapting electronics for work on different types of off-road, has a sixth, automatic, mode of operation.

In Europe, the model will be available with a 177-horsepower diesel engine 2.8, as well as with the former 161- and 249-horsepower gasoline engines of 2.7 and 4.0 liters, respectively.

The SUV equipment will include LED lights, the same system of circular video review with the function of a “transparent hood”, as on the Land Cruiser 200, three-zone climate control, front seats with ventilation, a multimedia system Toyota Touch 2 with an 8-inch display, as they say in “Toyota”, the most extensive among the models of the brand package of “winter” options. These include heated front and rear seats, heated steering and windshield, an additional electric interior heater and pre-heater for diesel cars.


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