Nissan introduced the new generation Leaf

Nissan has declassified the second-generation Leaf electric car. The public premiere of the car will be held in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the press service of the brand, sales of new items in Europe will begin early next year.

The new electromobile received the proprietary system of semi-automatic control ProPilot. The equipment included a laser scanner, which determines the exact distance between the car and surrounding objects, as well as a system of circular vision.

The electronics are able to operate the steering, keeping the car on the specified lane, and also to control the accelerator and brakes. The car can independently execute parallel, diagonal or perpendicular parking both forward, and a backing. Controls the steering, accelerator and brake electronics. The ProPilot function works both on highways and in conditions of busy urban traffic.

In addition, the car was equipped with a new driving assistance system called e-Pedal. When you press the button on the center console, the system turns the accelerator pedal into an electronic e-Pedal. With the help of it, the driver can accelerate or slow down traffic, as well as stop the car. For example, when the driver completely releases the accelerator, the regenerative and mechanical brake is automatically applied, so that the car completely stops. The car will be able to stay in place even on ascending slopes, until the accelerator pedal is depressed again.


The driver is available emergency braking system, a camera with a monitoring of moving objects, a function to monitor the intersection of the line marking and a warning system for objects moving in the transverse direction behind the car.

Nissan Leaf second generation equipped with a synchronous electric motor, developing 110 kW (150 hp) and 320 Nm of torque. For example, the model of the first generation is equipped with an 80 kW power unit (109 forces). The engine will be powered by a set of batteries with a capacity of 40 kilowatt-hours. The power reserve of the novelty is 378 kilometers. The maximum speed is 144 km per hour.




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