Physicians named the most healthy nuts

Of all the existing nuts, doctors called the eight most useful for health.

Absolutely all kinds of nuts contain in their composition a lot of useful fats, accordingly, this category of products is one of the most high-calorie. Nutritionists do not recommend nelygat on nuts, but at the same time to use them every day only for a small handful.

Despite the amount of fatty acids in nuts, they generally do not have cholesterol, so it is essential that nuts are present in healthy people and in obese people in the diet.

Moreover, all types of nuts contain substances such as magnesium, potassium and sodium, and they are very useful for the cardiovascular system. And also, nuts are enriched with vitamins A, B6 and C, iron and calcium.

What nuts are considered the most useful:

1. Walnut cleans vessels of bad cholesterol, prevents senile dementia and skin cancer.

2. Almond strengthens bones and protects the nervous system.

3. Brazil nut protects against several types of oncology: breast cancer, prostate cancer, rectal cancer and lung cancer. This nut is indispensable for vegetarians, since it has a lot of protein.

4. Pistachios are irreplaceable for the digestive system. Plus, with their help you can keep your eyesight in old age.

5. Pine nut prevents the development of avitaminosis, prevents atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

6. Cashew prevents the development of iron deficiency anemia, since it contains slightly less iron than in beef meat. Restores strength and gives energy.

7. Peanuts prevent cardiovascular diseases and intrauterine pathologies of the fetus, but this nut is a powerful allergen and with it you need to be extremely cautious.

8. Hazelnut takes care of metabolism and digestive system in general, protects cells and tissues from premature aging and improves mood.

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On the recommendation of nutritionists, every day you need to eat a handful of about 30 grams of any nuts, if possible, you can make an assorted portion.


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