Puffy eyes: 11 possible causes

Wake up in the morning with puffy eyes, and they remain so throughout the day? We will name possible reasons!

There are many factors that can make the eyes sweat. Some of them are relatively harmless, some speak of developing diseases. We will name the most common.


Reason 1
The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, and if you are prone to allergies, then first of all the skin around the eyes reacts to the stimulus. Plus to this – swelling of the nasal sinuses additionally contributes to the fact that the eyes swell.
If you are prone to allergies, ask your doctor to prescribe drops that are effective for the swelling of this particular origin.

Reason 2
You have conjunctivitis
It can be caused by a virus or bacterial infection. With viral conjunctivitis edema of the eyelids is accompanied by tearing, this state passes relatively quickly. With bacterial conjunctivitis, the discharge from the eyes may be yellowish or greenish, and this type of eye infection should be treated, otherwise the condition will only worsen.

Reason 3
You use contact lenses
If you use contact lenses, you should know: periodically your eyes should rest from them, and even more so you can not leave them in your eyes for the night. Lenses prevent the penetration of oxygen to the cornea of ​​the eye, because of this you have to strain the muscles of the eye more, which is the cause of edema.


Reason 4
You cried
Why do my eyes swell when we cry? Tears contain a certain percentage of salt, it irritates the eyes and eyelids. By the way, those tears that stand out for moisturizing the eyes are less salty than those that flow during crying. From a tumor in this case, a cold compress can save.


Reason 5
You eat too much salt
The consumption of sodium leads to the fact that excess fluid is retained in your body. This fluid “settles” in soft tissues throughout the body, including the eyelids. Try to reduce the level of salt intake – and, perhaps, the problem will go away by itself.


Reason 6
You drink a lot of alcohol
Alcohol also prevents the normal withdrawal of water from the body, in addition, we have a certain hormone that regulates the level of swelling. His work is disrupted by excessive consumption of alcohol.

Reason 7
You use artificial sweeteners
Saccharin and aspartame, artificial sweeteners, are not as good for our body as you think. In particular, they affect the immune system in such a way that more leukocytes begin to develop in our body. Regular use of sugar substitutes can lead to pain in the joints, as well as to swelling, including swelling of the eyelids.

Reason 8
You have a hypersensitivity to flavors
Perhaps it’s your fault that you have recently swollen eyes, your new perfume: some of its ingredients are allergen to you, causing unpleasant symptoms, from headaches to swelling of the eyelids.

Cause 9
You are getting older
Alas, some people are genetically predisposed to puffiness of the eyes. Even if you sleep the right time, do not cry and do not consume alcohol, your eyes still swell up? Look closely at your mom and grandmother: if they also have swollen eyes, you will have to accept it.

Cause 10
You sleep a little
In addition to bruising under the eyes, there are other unpleasant consequences of lack of sleep, and in particular – swelling of the eyes. Sleep 7-8 hours, and you will get rid of these problems.

Reason 11
In some women, puffiness of the eyes is observed during the PMS period. This phenomenon is of the same order as the swollen abdomen in this period: because of the change in the level of hormones in the body, more fluid is retained than usual, which causes swelling.
Use cold compresses to reduce swelling and try to drink plenty of fluids.

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