Scientists have created an artificial skin, which gives the prosthetic sense of touch

Scientists of the University of Houston created artificial skin, which gives the prosthesis a sense of touch. Now it allows you to feel the difference in temperature to a person.



Kunjiang Yu, as well as Bill Cook, the leading authors of the study, said that this work is the first, directly in the course of creating a semiconductor in a composite rubber format that allows the electronic components to remain functional even after the material is stretched by 50 percent.

Traditional artificial leather is quite fragile. The scientists noted that this project is simple in manufacturing, as well as scalable production. It is highly resistant to deformation, density, low cost.

In turn, the created electronic shell was used to demonstrate how a robotic prosthesis can sense the temperature of cold, as well as hot water. It is worth noting that the signals of the sensors interpreted the computer, and also sent them to the human hand.

Artificial leather is only one of the uses. Scientists said that the discovery of this material will eventually affect the development of soft-wearing electronics: robotic interfaces, medical implants, and health monitors.

This composite semiconductor was fabricated using a polymer based on silicon-polydimethylsiloxane or PDMS.

It also installed miniature nanowires designed to create a solution poured into the material to carry the electric current.

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