Scientists have proven that the diet increases life expectancy

Need less to eat. It is this idea that researchers at Temple University, located in Philadelphia, are trying to bring to humanity. If earlier scientists only guessed that moderate food intake directly affects the increase in life expectancy, now they have managed to prove it scientifically. As it turned out, the key to the solution was for a long time hiding from our eyes in the genes.



Scientists managed to solve their puzzle for decades and come to the conclusion that epigenetic changes occurring in the organisms of living things can be slowed down by a diet with a low calorie content. In their study, a group of university researchers concentrated on studying the DNA mimicking process, the chemical activity responsible for the severity of certain genes.

Using deep sequencing technology, the researchers carefully studied the relationship of epigenetic shift occurring with age in the organisms of various animals and related the results to the duration of their life. It turned out that the more epigenetic changes occurred in the body, the shorter the life span. After that, the scientists moved to the second phase of the experiment: they tried to find out whether these changes are related to diet and reduced calorie intake.

Laboratory mice and experimental monkeys, which were planted on a low-calorie diet, showed a sharp decrease in epigenetic changes in comparison with the control group, which was fed more caloric food. As a result, dieted monkeys on the basis of blood tests were 7 years younger than those who used ordinary food. In the case of mice, the results of the comparison were even more pronounced. The results of the study were published in the journal Nature Communications.

Scientists are firmly convinced that such an effect on the body diet will have and in the case of people. Although on the man such experiments have not yet been conducted. Reducing the calorie content of food will allow many people to avoid the numerous age-related diseases, as well as significantly increase life expectancy. It remains only to make a serious effort and give up the temptation to eat something incredibly fatty and harmful.



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