Short test drive Land Rover Discovery Td6 2017: Budget Range Rover

Despite the recently “wetted” image of diesel engines, this is an excellent engine for this Land Rover

What is it? It is a luxury SUV with three rows of seats that came to replace the former Discovery 4 (or LR4, as it is called in the US) and designed to conquer any terrain while providing comfort and practicality.

Key competitors: Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE.

Base price: $ 66,945 Price tested: $ 66,945 (from dealers in the US)

Features: Completely new for the 2017 model year, Land Rover Discovery plunges into the competitive SUV market with three rows of seats, offering all the amenities that you can expect in a much more expensive Range Rover. In fact, Discovery is equipped well enough to remain attractive even at a price of $ 67,000.

Test drive Autoweek: Land Rover Discovery moved away from the angular look of its predecessor (Discovery 4 in Europe and LR4 in North America) and approached the “face” of the Range Rover family. Nevertheless, behind it there are still bizarre decisions: an asymmetrical seizure of the license plate and the rear window create a strong connection with the past; The high ground clearance (and therefore the high floor of the trunk) also stayed, implying that you will have to lift any cargo high and transfer it through the flap of the luggage compartment, even with the air suspension lowered, which is controlled by a very convenient button located in the luggage compartment.

Sitting in the front seats, and even generally in any seat, the sensations are such that Discovery is more of a Range Rover than a Land Rover; our testers marked the skin and wood on each open surface, supplemented by thick soft rugs, and the driver is provided with a “command” environment, the best that can be expected from a car of similar size. One caveat, hard seats, despite the fact that one of the drivers did not have any complaints, the second one found that the seat cushions were too hard. Conclusion? Sit longer in Discovery before deciding to buy.

The power of the V6 diesel engine for Discovery is more than sufficient, not counting the easy initial delay of the “turbojam” at the time the turbo was launched; even better, our testers noted an excellent fuel consumption of 8.6 liters


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