Skoda presented the expected premiere of SKODA KAROQ and SKODA VISION E

September 11, 2017 in Frankfurt am Main started the annual International Automobile Exhibition, where the brand SKODA presented to the general public the ŠKODA VISION E electric car and a novelty in the SUV SKODA KAROQ class.

ŠKODA VISION E is not a step towards innovation, it is the innovation itself.

The car brand ŠKODA made a big step forward by introducing ŠKODA VISION E, which celebrates its high-profile European premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The first electric car from ŠKODA embodies the authentic design of the Czech brand with the most modern innovative technologies. This car has two electric motors with a total capacity of 225 kW (306 hp). The power reserve reaches an impressive 500 kilometers, and the maximum speed is 180 km.
The concept car is charged by wireless inductive technology. The newest numerous auxiliary car systems provide the driver and passengers with an increased level of safety and comfort. Forget about the rear-view mirrors – they were replaced by a round-robin camera. Front Assist will fix the obstacle and, if necessary, stop the car, determine the car that has fallen into the “blind” zone, and also help to park. Adaptive Cruise Control keeps the car at a safe distance from the car ahead, and Lane Assist will tell if you have strayed from the lane or are simply tired – the car knows everything. A very convenient for the city automatic search for free space will save you from tiring torment in the parking lot at the supermarket.

The ŠKODA VISION E lacks a central body and rear doors that open against the travel. VISION E is the first fully electric car of the brand that meets the requirements of the third level for autonomous driving, which means that the driver can partially entrust the control of the car, the computer monitors the surrounding situation, monitors the speed and is ready to react to any “unexpected” obstacle. Dimensions ŠKODA VISION E: length – 4 668 mm, width – 1 924 mm, and height – 1 591 mm. Thanks to the large wheelbase – 2,851 mm, and the short front and rear overhangs of the body, ŠKODA engineers managed to create a very spacious and comfortable interior.

Another premiere of the showroom is the ŠKODA KAROQ car. ŠKODA KAROQ combines energy, functionality, internal spaciousness and the power to overcome any obstacles. This “predator”, from which it is difficult to tear off the eyes, is ideal in every detail.

For the first time the Czech brand introduced a new car with a fully customizable digital panel, which is always connected due to the built-in LTE module and the ŠKODA Connect services. ŠKODA KAROQ is a car with a character, its expressive design and corporate style of the brand are characteristic for the SUV segment. The distinguishing feature of this car is its impressive dimensions: the compact SUV reaches 4,382 mm in length, 1,841 mm in width and 1,605 mm in height, a large wheelbase of 2,638 mm, provides room for passengers, the luggage compartment volume is 521 l if the seats The rear rows are in the standard position. In the folded version, the luggage compartment volume can be increased to 1,630 liters.

ŠKODA KAROQ has implemented a lot of the latest technologies, as well as a digital instrument panel that can be adjusted according to personal preferences and used to control the infotainment system. All touchscreen displays of the car are made by capacitive technology and have a proprietary glass coating. ŠKODA KAROQ embodies the latest solutions that make the trip comfortable, safe and pleasant for both the driver and passengers.

In the new ŠKODA KAROQ there are many optional driver assistants that make the process of driving even more pleasant. Among them: Parking assistant Park Assist, the system of deduction in the Lane Assist, as well as the Traffic Jam Assist traffic assistant, which creates additional comfort for the driver. This is an enhanced safety car: the Blind Spot Detect Blind Spot Detect monitoring and front distance monitoring systems with pedestrian recognition and emergency braking provide security to all road users.


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