The Parliament of Catalonia adopted a law on the order of withdrawal from Spain

The Constitutional Court of Spain on the eve of suspended the documents on the upcoming referendum

As El Pais notes, the document will come into force only if the supporters of the independence of Catalonia win the referendum. According to their plan, the law will be in effect for two months before the start of the process of creating an independent parliamentary republic.


Earlier, the Catalan Parliament (the Generalitet) passed a law on the referendum and related documents, in particular, on the formation of an election commission and the principles of organizing voting.

According to the chairman of the Catalan government Carles Puigdemona, the decision to hold the referendum was unilaterally taken after unsuccessful attempts to agree on the organization of voting with the central government in Madrid.

On Thursday, the Constitutional Court of Spain suspended all these documents at an extraordinary session. The Spanish authorities also warned the Catalan media, civil servants and the police of the autonomous region about the consequences of non-compliance with court decisions.

The Attorney General of Spain, Jose Manuel Masa, threatened the prosecutors who supported the law on the referendum to the Catalan parliamentarians, and also asked the special services of the kingdom to closely monitor the preparations for the voting.

In response to the decision of the Constitutional Court, Carles Puigdemon stated that “no one will stop democracy in Catalonia”.

The referendum on the independence of the authorities of Catalonia intends to hold on October 1. The question that they are going to put on a referendum is: “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state with a republican form of government?”.

In order to ensure that the vote was recognized as having taken place, there is no minimum turnout. In the case of the victory of supporters of independence, the authorities of Catalonia promise to begin the process of creating an independent state 48 hours after the announcement of the results.




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