The UK adopted a bill on the repeal of EU laws

The House of Commons of the British Parliament on the night of Tuesday, September 12, in the second reading voted in support of the bill on withdrawal from the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill), also known as the “law of annulment” (Repeal Bill).

The document presupposes the establishment in the territory of the country of the primacy of British legislation over the European in the framework of Brexit, and also exempts London from the need to submit to the jurisdiction of the European Court. In addition, the bill will repeal the act of the European Communities Act of 1972, which contains a legal framework of about 12,000 provisions, developed before the accession of the UK to the European Union. The purpose of the new document is to ensure that after leaving the EU the country will have a fully functioning legal system.

In support of Repeal Bill, 326 parliamentarians voted, against – 290. Discussion of the bill lasted about 13 hours and dragged on after midnight.

For the document to take effect, it is necessary that it is still approved by the House of Lords, and also signed by Queen Elizabeth II. Against Repeal Bill are Labor, as well as many members of the ruling Conservative Party.


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