What is dangerous for eating cold food for our body?

How do we usually have lunch? First we eat hot soup. And if the first one is too hot? Of course, drink down with cold compote or juice. This is one example. There are many more like that: ice cream with hot coffee or tea, a hot garnish and cold meat, a hot sandwich and cold soda … However, we absolutely do not think that such a habit can somehow harm our health. Yes, and children are accustomed to such a diet, and then we can not understand what is the cause of the malfunction in the child’s body.

Experts on nutrition on the pages of the publication Telegraph told us about the danger of mixing food and drinks with different temperatures when eating food. Gastroenterologists claim that the habit, for example, of drinking hot food with cold drinks leads to problems in the work of the gastrointestinal tract and affects the overall health.

Doctors noted that many of us like to eat cold meat, at the same time, animal proteins in the cold state significantly inhibit the process of their digestion by the stomach, because the body needs to first “warm up” the meat to body temperature. And if in a certain time this does not happen, then the undigested food moves on and gets into this kind of small intestine. Than it is dangerous?

The work of the small intestine is that it needs to digest carbohydrates. However, not processed by the stomach protein food, getting into it, brings with itself and various bacteria, which are often not very useful and necessary intestines. As a result, the work of the organ is disrupted, and with it the microflora suffers.If you regularly eat only cold drinks, meals and snacks, the metabolism is significantly inhibited, which leads to the appearance of extra pounds, the appearance of constipation and inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

In a cold form, as experts say, you can only eat vegetables and fruits. And then, they should take the position of snacks between the main meals. But all the rest of the food should only be strictly warm.


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